My Story

love for creating Jewellery

Since 2004

Nature is the main inspiration for me, from bones to flowers to twigs to sea urchins, my overriding aim is to combine imaginative design with solid craftsmanship to produce wearable, exciting and lasting pieces of jewellery.
I continually defining and exploring my style and way of working. Although predominantly working using artisan handcrafting methods I has also combined the traditional with 3D computer designs with spectacular results.
Texture is a big feature in my work and I am inspired by the visual and tactile changes that can be created on metal.
My collections are made up in limited number and one-off pieces. I also works on commission – both creating exquisite original pieces or transforming old, unused jewellery into new wearable creations.

Cinzia Callegari

Designer Maker

Precious metals

When use the metal my clients provide me in order to create a bespoken piece I melt their prices metal by melting it. Otherwise most of time I use Ecosilver 100% Recycled Silver and Fair Trade Gold.
Type of metals:

Fine .999 silver It is highly resistant to tarnish but can scratch and dent easily.
Sterling .925 Silver- shiny and bright but can tarnish quickly.
Argentium/Non-tarnish alloys- 92.5% silver with copper and germanium. More resistant to tarnish and harder. Much less maintenance than sterling but more expensive.
Silver-filled. Has sterling silver on the surface. It contains about 5-10% silver.
Silver-plated– A very thin layer of silver plating.
Nickel Silver– This is not silver but a base metal alloy. It is made of copper with smaller amounts of zinc and/or nickel.
Tribal or Tibetan Silver– Many contain no silver and are instead a base metal alloy. They are usually only silver in appearance.
Bali, Mexican or Thai Silver– Silver coming from these areas can be high-quality.
Gold Alloys
Color of Gold Alloy Composition
Yellow Gold (22K). Gold 91.67% Silver 5%Copper 2%
Zinc 1.33%
Red Gold (18K) Gold 75% Copper 25%
Rose Gold (18K) Gold 75% Copper 22.25% Silver 2.75%
Pink Gold (18K) Gold 75% Copper 20% Silver 5%
White Gold (18K) Gold 75% Platinum or Palladium 25%
White Gold (18K) Gold 75% Palladium 10% Nickel 10%
Zinc 5%
Gray-White Gold (18K) Gold 75% Iron 17% Copper 8%
Soft Green Gold (18K) Gold 75% Silver 25%
Light Green Gold (18K) Gold 75% Copper 23% Cadmium 2%
Green Gold (18K) Gold 75% Silver 20% Copper 5%
Deep Green Gold (18K) Gold 75% Silver 15% Copper 6%
Cadmium 4%
Blue-White or Blue Gold (18K) Gold 75% Iron 25%
Purple Gold Gold 80% Aluminum 20%

Precious and semi precious stones

The diamonds I use, generally for bespoken pieces, come form a supplier who adhere to the Kimberley Process . I have in stock pearls that are 20 years old, nothing new. Is more difficult to trace exact origin of coloured stones though. For more information please follow the link.

Said so, it’s difficult not to love these amazing and beautiful gift of nature.

Flame lily

Designed and made in London

I get my inspiration by nature most of the time, but to he honest very often ideas come also from my dreams. Playing around with metal while at my bench is also how I create my pieces. I create my pieces in London even if creativity doesn’t have borders !!

I love to work with client to create a new piece fro man old one giving a new life transforming old jewellery into new one or to simply  design a new one. Most of my pieces  can be customised, so if you like a ring that I have made in silver but you want in gold or bronze alway ask it can probably be done. Same for the stones, ask for a different one if the one I have use for a piece is not your preferred one. 

Bespoke Service

Bespoke service

It is such a wonderful experience to have a piece made just for you ! it can be a completely new piece or a transformation of jewellery you don’t wear anymore. So much can be done, so don’t hesitate to contact me for an initial consultation.