Bespoke Services

Flame lily

Stage 1:

Discussing your requirements

Send me an email and we start the journey to create the piece you desire. 

Flame Lily 18ct yellow gold

Stage 2:

Choosing the stones and the metal

We’ll discuss about best metal to use for your desired piece and the stone you have in mind both in terms of size and shape. I’ll show few stones to choose from. I often use the precious metal the client give me. Metal can be melted and transform in a new piece of jewellery, and it’s always a good investment. 

Flame Lily 18ct yellow gold with Ruby and Sapphire.

Stage 3:

Designing and making 

Desgining your piece and finalise the piece.

Flame Lily

Stage 4:

The final piece

The final piece, the above is an expmaple of e bespoken necklace.

Flame Lily.  18ct yellow gold with Ruby and Sapphire pendant and Aquamarine necklace.